Jason Tate

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Jason Tate is an award-winning wellness expert and a 15-year veteran in secondary education with a B.S. in Biology and certification in Functional Medicine Health Coaching as a July 2017 graduate of the FMCA. Jason has hundreds of hours of training and certificates in the fields of Nutrition, Education, Mind-Body Medicine, and Mental Health First Aid.


Jason has been engaged in public speaking for all ages over the past 10 years and primarily focuses on topics involving wellness education around the topics of movement, nutrition, and mindfulness.


Jason Tate teaches full-time at a public high school where he has created and pioneered multiple nutrition and wellness courses, created a holistic pre-med functional medicine based wellness academy, and sits on several committees around the Coachella Valley involved with health and wellness.


Since November 2019, Jason has had his own weekly radio show through iHub Radio called “Tate Talks” where he shares powerful information regarding health and wellness with the goal of inspiring people around the globe to make the rest of their lives the best of their lives.


With a background in advanced biology, training and certifications in functional medicine, years of experience in exercise science, and numerous certifications in mind-body medicine, Jason Tate is incredibly well-trained and prepared to provide health coaching services by inspiring you to heal your entire body and support your journey at Restore Health

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